Day Without A Woman

So today is a day without a woman.  I was already scheduled to be off today, so today I will wear red and I won’t buy anything more.  (I forgot this morning and ordered toothbrush heads online).  BUT NOTHING MORE… Being married to another woman leaves me little impact at home.  I can’t not do the dishes because she can’t not do the dishes either.  We kind of need to feed our teenager, and dogs, and cats, and bearded dragon.  The snakes already ate this week.

Truth is, it is hard not to serve when serving is also nurturing.  We serve because we are women or we are servants because we are women.  I would rather like to think that service was an admired position but because wealthy white men are less likely to do it, that thought is in doubt.

Serving others makes me feel better about the world.  Maybe that is why many rich white men come across as so bitter and angry and entitled.  From my perspective entitlement doesn’t make you feel good.  It makes you resentful. Wish that I could have hope for the entitled.  I don’t.  It’s too bad we ignore the happiness quotient, because if it really were valued as the GDP, then we might get a picture of how profoundly poor the United States really is.

If you want to get happy, go serve, but not today.  Today, make your worth felt by the absence of your service.  Today, do some positive self-care.  Yoga is good. Meditation is better.  Meditation you don’t have to pay an instructor for leading you.  Go to yoga tomorrow.  Today make your service valued by not do it.  Feed your pets and children but that’s it.  No freebies today.  No taking care of the entitled today.  Make your value known by not suiting up and showing up.  If you have to, wear red.  Don’t shop (except if you need toothbrushes — oral hygiene is essential).  Don’t even smile at strangers (especially white entitled men), smile at women though — that is definitely okay.  🙂 This is me smiling at you (but not you rich, entitled men — not today…) You Sir must think about what you have done!  Think about those you have taken for granted… tomorrow I will smile at you, but not today!  No Sir… not today.

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