Week Two — Casualty Report

We did it.  We mobilized.  We went to Washington.  We prevented the big now what by starting Writing Wednesdays or Postcards to Politicians.  The verdict is out on the name.  We are a small army in our division (I am getting all the military terms wrong).  We are a search party.  We are gathering more people some are out others show up.  It’s a loose plan, and so far works quite well.  One is doing recon at sea and the other is going on a mission tomorrow. (One’s on a cruise the other is flying south).  It’s OK because next we one will be in the MASH Unit (back surgery from an old war injury — that is for realsies).

It matters that we are all over 30, nay, over 40 … etc. women.  Gloria Steinem said that one day a group of gray haired women will take over the world.  We plan to be in the infantry of that great army.  I would like to be in the navy because I abhor marching and being hot.  I would much rather swim in the cool water.  But you go where you must.  Right now, our base of operations is Starbucks (Oleander and Independence).  They’ve committed to hiring veterans, and immigrants, and we have committed to drinking coffee and chai tea to support the cause.

We are two weeks in and have 500 postcards to go, so I don’t imagine we will be retiring anytime soon.  This is a marathon soldiers!  Not a sprint!!!  So we are being active.

I feel like I have gotten to know my Senators and Representative in this short time.  My postcards are becoming more personable.  Last week it was just “Senator so and so…” fortunately I didn’t beseech him but I plead.  This week I was more, “well you blew it with that DeVos vote last week, but here’s a way you can redeem your record…”  Last week it was signed “Sincerely,” this week was “your pal.”

Last week, I did mention the constituent who calls Mike Pence every day to talk about her period.  Next week my postcards might sport the word Uterus.  Caffeine in the evening makes me a little more edgy.  I also went to a local political meeting for our vacant district seat.  I have put in my support for my candidate. (Run Deb RUN!!!) I have never done that before.  So this New Year, this 2017, it’s Vaginas to the Wall doing things I have never done before, breaking barriers, getting out of my shell,  speaking up, speaking out, not sitting down, not shutting up.  I have also been saying motherfucker a lot more that I normally do.  I have also been sleeping a lot less, which is amazing since I am nearly a professional when it comes to sleeping.

If this new president can get someone like me pissed off long enough to stay awake, march, go to a meeting and organize a contingent of postcard soldiers then you know there’s a wave of angry people who will not stop until this ship is steady and on course again.

So if you would like to join me in staying awake, having some chai and writing messages to our new besties in DC.  I will be at the round table with a box of cards and some pens.  See you next week.

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