I am tirelessly saving the world.

Day after day, I attend my Facebook page, scouring posts, sharing and re-sharing things I think my friends and foes need to know.  I fear I am in an echo chamber. I am certain that I might be (with conviction).

I have thinned out the more dubious sources.  I stick to the mainstream, well respected sources, Washington Post, New York Times, The Atlantic, etc.  I am sure these sources are good ones.  I can’t understand how co-workers, family members and some of my friends don’t get it.  This new president is out of bounds.  He is not shaking things up and draining the swamp.  He is creating chaos with ill written edicts during the day, allocating his job as president to his yes persons and by night saber rattling and scaring our citizens and allies.  Meanwhile, our enemies rub their hands together betting on when the whole thing topples.

This two-hundred year experiment in democracy is flirting with fascism.  When we toy with reality or allow our leaders to create their own narrative to fit their greed and prejudices, when facts become relative we are not only in danger of unraveling our hard won independence we are also in danger of losing our very minds.

Fascism teaches blind loyalty.  We shouldn’t question our dear leader.  Fascism has its way with higher education so we the people don’t have the capacity to question.  There is not coincidence that the pick for Secretary of Education knows nothing about education.

If we don’t fight these battles now, we stand to lose everything.  Go to protests.  Call your Congress people.  Vote.   Most of our political leaders are more interested in saving their own skins than serving higher minded ideals.   Remember, for now, they work for us not the president.  Put pressure on them before it’s too late.

We can save the world on our own, but we can do it together.  There is a reason that George Orwell’s, 1984 (Signet Classics)is a best seller again.  If you haven’t read it, you should.